DFW Celebrity Chef Richard Chamberlain and his team offer birthday party catering

Contact Jennifer, Special Events Coordinator, at 214-783-0321 or jenniferboucher@chamberlainsrestaurant.com.

One of most popular catering events is the private birthday party. Hosting a party in your home provides an intimate atmosphere and relaxed setting, but food preparation and clean up can distract you from enjoying yourself. Let Catering by Chamberlain’s help you host a party filled with fun, laughter, and delicious flavors.

Catering DFW Birthday Parties for Over 25 years

Whatever the occasion, whether it’s a formal three course meal or a casual poolside event, a party’s success often revolves around the food and drinks. Guests may not remember every detail, but they will remember the amazing Lobster and Shrimp Bisque or the mouthwatering TX Wagyu Beef Potstickers. The quality, flavor and presentation of food is at the center of any great event, and Catering by Chamberlain’s specializes in providing that to your party. We only use top quality, fresh and seasonal ingredients to make absolutely delicious and perfectly cooked food for you and your guests. Our team of professionals take care of every detail, from the food preparation and service to clean up, and everything in-between. No detail is too big or too small for our team.

Custom Menus Personalized to Your Event and Budget

Catering by Chamberlain’s specializes in custom menus that suit your event and style. Our catering reflects Chef Chamberlain’s award winning cuisine and his restaurant’s professional service in any setting and atmosphere you choose.

Our full service reception style party offers various choices of salads, main dishes and desserts for your guests to enjoy from our seafood, meat and vegetable menu. Our professional staff will serve you just as they would at a restaurant so you and your guests can focus on the festivities. Your custom menu can have as many or as few courses as you prefer.

Our appetizer menu offers our widest range of selections for your guests to sample. The appetizer menu allows your guests a more casual environment where they can mingle while they sample Chef Chamberlain’s award winning, culinary delights.

Looking for a combination of the two styles? We can do that too! Passing small plates of delicious food allows for a reception style event with more substantial food.

Special Events Coordinator: Jennifer Boucher
phone: 214-783-0321
email: jenniferboucher@chamberlainsrestaurant.com

We specialize in custom menus to fit your style of event!